14 March 2009

Don't taste that monocular aaa.

Last week aa, i went to a pekan hari with my friends.near by the terminal.while we walking around the stalls aa, suddenly one of my friend aa, shouting my name. Husz.! Husz.! Over here.! (the real situation is : Husz.! Husz.! Mai sini sat.!) . then, i move my ass to my friend.somebody is pointing at something.heheh.

you know what it was aa kawan? that thing aa, a notice saying "Dont Taste.!" hanging on a monocular tripod.we all that la we laugh.why aa.? why we laugh aa? that notice aa.i think the owner wanted to say "Dont Test.!" maybe.but he heard people said test is the same pronounciation with taste.the he put the "taste word.haha.nice.!

*this is an autopost entry*