15 January 2009

Sudden change. Camping > Barbeque.

Due to so much bariers for us to overnight at Pantai Balok, then we decide to postpone our first plan. Because we already bought all stuffs for camping, than we need to fire it up. We decide to have a barbeque near by the lake inside the campus. not so bad. its pretty good, huh?

that's it. we did setup the dome tent.

nisa,teha,wuani and zaki had the chances to sleep in the tent, than it's called camping.

we enjoy that night. Uno.!


  1. i really enjoyed that evening! :D

    buat selalu k.... apa kata for next camping, bat pizza plak. wah!

  2. nak buat pizza kena la ada chef nye...ko la tu zaki.hihi.