15 January 2009

Visit the camping site...

Camping .! Auw...i'm so excited.hihi. Excuse me.MeNoAuw eh..

there were 5 of us.

Husz (the driver)
Danial (the co-pilot)
Wani (the tourist guide)
Nisa (cameraman)
Teha (the interframer)

we went to 2 places to survey which camping site it is the most suitable for the next camping (+barbeque). because this post is too late from the date it occured, then i didn't state the date. i didn't ceritakan segalanya.

after dealing with daus, we got the key for the very helpful car that take all of us for a ride around the town.our first destination is....

We went straight away to Pantai Balok. actually no straight away, we passing by Pantai Batu Hitam first, but we didn't stop to take picture.and not to forget, Esso gas station "Di esso dan mobil, kami juga pemandu seperti anda".

tup tap vroom we were...Pantai Balok.

Gambar Pantai Balok
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what a nice place.this place is

Then..shorten the (long) story, we jump (jumping skill,we learned from Jumper) to Teluk Cempedak la pulak.

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i will update this post further on

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