08 April 2009

Winamp : Opacity (Transparency)

Winamp. Everybody knows this universal media player. Right? But do you know its available features. All we know is to doubleclick on a song or playlist then sound comes out. For this post let me share with you one of its cool features.

+

The Opacity or Transparency. See the screenshot above, got it? I still can see my wallpaper through winamp. Cool.! Note that this feature only available in Winamp 5.

How to do it? Easy. Just rightclick on your winamp title bar (anywhre on winamp main window also can), go to Window Setting > Opacity and choose your level of transparency. Thats it.

Wait for more cool tricks on winamp and other software.! Stay tuned.!


  1. tell me why should i install winamp instead of using WMP which has the same basic function? :D

  2. i didnt say u should la zaki.not everybody like u, basic fucntion is ok.

    winamp come with big community which provide users with alot of gergous skin, cool plugin, support almost media file, easy to use interface, low of memory usage compare to wmp, small size, and much more. what else do you want? heheh.

    next post about winamp, i will show u one fantastic feature.

  3. byk lg khebatan winamp. dont forget about the shoutcast!