04 April 2009

Change your Windows Taskbar position

Do you know you can move your taskbar around the screen? No need to install any software to do this. Just a simple step.

As i wasting my time at cafe, a friend of mine came to me and said,
"Hey Husz, do you know how to change the taskbar position? Should i use any software?"

Then i showed to him how to do it. Now let me share it with you.

+

Just some simple steps.

Firstly, righclick on your taskbar and unmark the 'Lock the Taskbar'.

Then you are free to move your taskbar around your screen either top, left or right edge. You also can apply the Autohide function.

Easy right. Thats All.


  1. aku menjadi saksi kejadian ini. he~

  2. waa..ini sudah mengvalidkan post aku.hehe

    komen saksi2 pun ade jgk eh.