17 February 2009

Don't reuse your plastic bottle.

Do you ever heard that refilling or reusing plastic bottle is not good for your health? i heard so many times. before i googling for the facts, firstly i made my own interpretation about this.

i ask myself, why? maybe the company who made the bottle or who bottling the water wanted people to buy more and more bottles. or maybe water in the bottle containing good mineral. or maybe they want thier products sold very fast so its not going to exceed the expiry date. or..may be this..maybe many idea came into my mind when i first heard about this.

then...i googled around...and i found some fact. its true. see for your self.let me highlight some points.

"Some reports suggest reused plastic bottles may break down and leach chemicals into the water. Tests on reused plastic bottles also have detected nasty bacteria."

>here's the source< >another source<

each plastic has its own grade. either it can be reused or not. (^_^) glad to know this fact. you?


  1. damn. i always reuse the plastic bottle. uh (-_-)

    have to stop the habit before it going worse!

  2. aiya syafiq.metal bottle no need to worry ma..just be carefull of the rust is ok la...