18 February 2009

Am i late ?

Yes i am.

Right now i'm feeling so tired. Since the kos amazing explorace ended, i've never had enough rest. why uh? is it because nasi goreng santai? or..being a monkey on a tree. i doubt that because i enjoyed doing that.heheh..the point is, i still tired untill now.

and..the other point is, i'm too late to post about the race. ah..who group (the best group in finishing the race late), group 3 didnt won the first, second, niether third place. but we won the special award (hadiah istimewa utk kanak2 istimewa). we won the best picture (ever) award =). here it is.

at least we got something. at the prize giving ceremony, we quite dispointed when we didnt get any place in the race.but the winner deserve it. be continue..


  1. tahniah la menang anugerah khas tu.. korang kena berterima kaseh dengan aku sebab salah buat budget... serius. nanti aku cerita :P

  2. wa..ko ke yg wujudkan special award tu.tenkiu tenkiu.

    tp alangkah baiknye klu ko salah buat budget, ada 20 tempat pertama.kan lg bagus.hihi