29 January 2009

Remove navbar in blogger

What is 'navbar' ? i took directly the name from its css tag.

navbar is a (an annoying) bar that appear in default in blogger base blogs.
see the screenshot below? that bar lah..! some people find it very annoying because its useless for them. some people fine with it because the are some functions came with it.

for certain theme, its colour is very contra so...ugly lah.! it also block the top border images if the theme have top border. most of 3rd party template/theme were written to have a css coding to hide this navbar.

So for those who realize that the bar still appear in thier blog (blogger/blogspot only) and wanted to remove them, here are the steps.

>Sign in to your blogger account and click on Layout.

>go to Edit HTML section and find this > body {

*you can use shortcut key "CTRL+F" on your keyboard to find it instead of scrolling slowly.
*see example below.

> once you found it, copy the code below and paste exactly above the 'body {' tag.

> your code should look like this

> Save your template. Done.refresh your blog.

if you want the bar to appear again, just remove the pasted code. thats all.


  1. owh, screenshot utk yg ni rupenye...
    tp aku mmg dah biasa ada navbar...
    btw, kalau la navbar ni ada byk warna...
    sure 'masuk' dgn theme yg kita pilih...

  2. tu la,xbanyak pilihan warna yg ade.sbb tu kena buang je.hihi.