24 May 2009

Being ignored because we're very ignorance

hey..somebody ignoring you? you are being ignored for a certain period? being ignored since something happen? bestfriends ignore you? friend dont bother anything about you?or anybody else doesn't interested in anything about you?

huh? what? why? who? them? ........ nope... it is YOU.

why me?

+let me tell you...

i like to explain anything in exampling method. let we put it this way, a friend, when he/she ignores you, and you realized it, it means he wanted you to know something or to understand something that he could not explain it to you. either he doesnt not have words to describe it or he too mad/not comfortable with you.

maybe you hurt him/her once, maybe you ignored him too much or anything else. you need to find it.

in real cases, i had a friend once, he never bothered what i said, he ignored everything i told him, he never listen to my advice, and hurting me without even care what i felt. then i started to ignore him. he keep doing the same thing, either he never realized or pretending. i keep ignoring him. hopefully, hope...full-ly, fully hope, please understand.

huh? what do you think ?

1 comment:

  1. In any cases, we are still human and could never perfect. Sometimes other people hurt us and sometimes we hurt other people feelings', something that ourselves can't ever realized.

    I personally suggest you ask him to apologize. Maybe he didn't ever realized that. Or maybe he has the same feeling with you. Don't let death be the wasteful end. Btw, if he refuse to apologize, it's the suitable time for you to tell everything and let he think his mistakes.

    Sorry for my long comment. Just my personal thought and suggestion.