20 January 2009

Memorial Sketch : Camping at Cherating

i made this sketch during the very bored kos class. this sketch is about our first camping together at Pantai Cherating,Pahang. i tried to covered all events and memories that occured while we were there. almost. so many sweet memories there.

i know that my sketch is very bad, but when we did something just to remain the memory, we and who ever included in that thing that we did, will feel, wow..great.! (eventhough it is very bad, just like mine above). so, dont be hesitate to do what ever it takes just to remain the sweet memories. dont care what people say to you. just like me.heheh.i dont care maa..i'm taiko ma...

Camping is syok.! Yeah.!


  1. ces. best betol. siap boleh lukis lagi.

  2. huhu.memang best.nantikan kemunculan selepas ini.hihi

  3. haha. klaka plak sketch2 tu..

    btw bawah sangat plak kotak komen ni..

  4. nah, i think your sketch is ok. haha but i think the hiking tents with curtains is a bit silly

  5. wow,. it's great :)
    hahaha,.. good drawing guys :D

  6. camping dekat area mane?
    boleh tolong bagi detail x?
    ad toilet x?
    sesuai x nk cmping dlm 10 org cmpur laki n gurl...